It’s an easy to use program that has made me a web designer. Didn’t think that I would ever be able to create a web page, but this program has solved my problem. I have tried other programs but most of them have been hard to learn and the result has not been that good. With this program, it’s no learning curve and the generated web pages look modern and with a nice design. And best of all the web pages also look good on my mobile phone.

Sandra, - Responsive Web Page Generator

I really like this program. I have tried many similar programs but none of them can do what this program can do. The biggest difference is that you can export all your codes into 1 encrypted file with this program. This is perfect when I want to back up my code. I am also using this function to share my code with some of my friends. I was buying the version with the JavaScript code DB, and I am very happy with this decision. You get a lot of useful code for a good price, and it’s easy to import the code DB into the program.

Bruce, - Code Snippets Manager

I am a web designer and was looking for a program that could generate a back to top button for me in an easy way. I was finding this one (back to top) and have now used it for about 5 days and I am really pleased with this program. It’s easy to use and it’s also easy to implement the generated code into my web pages that I make. The program is also generating finished web pages with design and with the code already implemented. I think this is a really cool bonus since you can actually use this program to design your web page.

Eve, - Back To Top

I have been using responsive web page generator for 1 month now and I have to say that this is a really cool program. The program itself looks simple, but don’t get fooled by the simple user interface. This is a really powerful program that makes it really simple to create a web page. I really love this program and have no problem recommending this to my friends or others that need to make a nice web page in minutes. I also have to mention the price; this program is so powerful and cool that the price is almost too low.

Steven, - Responsive Web Page Generator