Version 3 of Responsive Web Page Generator is now released

The new version of Responsive Web Page Generator is now released.

This new release contains a lot of new features and fixes. We have decided to put this up to version 3 for this reason.

We have worked with this new version for many months now and we have rewritten the whole program code to make a much more efficient and smaller sized program. We have added a lot of new templates and features but still we have been able to reduce the total size of the program + the exported code files. This is something that is making the program and the generated code much more efficient.


  • 10 new responsive templates
  • Contact form with captcha
  • Google Analytics system
  • Google Map system
  • Much smaller program and generated code size

So, download the demo version today or you can buy the full version to get the full power of the program and to see for yourself how easy it is to generate a professional web page with Responsive Web Page Generator. You can read more about Responsive Web Page Generator on this page

  • responsive-web-page-generator-step1
  • responsive-web-page-generator-step2
  • responsive-web-page-generator-step3
  • responsive-web-page-generator-step4
  • responsive-web-page-generator-step5
  • responsive-web-page-generator-step6
  • responsive-web-page-generator-step7
  • responsive-web-page-generator-step8
  • responsive-web-page-generator-step9
  • responsive-web-page-generator-step10
  • responsive-web-page-generator-step11
  • responsive-web-page-generator-step12
  • responsive-web-page-generator-step13
  • responsive-web-page-generator-step14
  • responsive-web-page-generator-please-wait
  • responsive-web-page-generator-finished
  • responsive-web-page-generator-save
  • responsive-web-page-generator-image-copy